Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our Half Bath... The Before.

Other than refinishing the original hardwood floors, painting, and tearing out green 1950's carpet that was even in the kitchen (it was so gross that I can only dream of the day we have pretty tiled kitchen floors) ... we haven't done much to he house. Our first big project was to remodel the half bathroom addition. The bathroom was added on sometime in the 60's and it showed its age. Before we even closed on the house I had bought the new floor tile (it was on a black Friday sale so I got a good deal). Here are the before pictures of the bathroom in all of its outdated glory...

This is the bathroom door... the bathroom was added where the front door was so that's why it has the solid glass window. I'm going to sew a pretty curtain for privacy. I love the antique wavy glass.

Don't you love that very outdated linoleum floor?

I honestly don't know how the sink was still standing. It had seen better days.

Before I took these pictures I had removed all of the towel racks, and tooth brush holders that had corroded to the walls from getting wet all the time.

This was the picture from the realtor site. Do you think I'm crazy for falling in love with this house yet?!

Were almost finished with the remodel and I cant wait to have our little bathroom restored to look like it should have been here all along. And on a small budget my husband and father in law have done all the work themselves! I cant wait to share it with you... if you use Pinterest you can check out my board here for a peek at some of the products we used.


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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of your remodel! Looks like you have a real diamond in the rough, so to speak. I enjoy your blog, thanks so much.