Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Area Rug...

It takes me forever to make decorating decisions. So when I finally chose a area rug it was such a relief! I wanted a natural fiber rug for it's durability, neutral color, and ease to hide stains. Yesterday I finally had time to lay the rug down, and I'm in LOVE! It looks beautiful with the dark wood work and updates the hundred year old features in the living room.

I love the nubby texture and the beautiful quality. I now have the itch to get the living room finished. Hopefully this week I can start sewing the curtains, couch slipcover, and narrow down fabric choices to finish upholstering the chaise lounge I've been avoiding for 8 months... Decorating is definitely a layering process for me and I'm kind of glad I've taken the time to get a feel for the "new house" and let it speak to me. I'm excite to turn this old house into a home!

I hope you had a great weekend. I'll have some pretty before and afters this week!


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